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"I have had the pleasure of working with Jen and her team of professionals at The Catalyst Publicity Group on a multitude of projects over the past few years. There is no better "go to" publicity firm in the music industry. Working with Jen brings a refreshing, creative point of view to our campaigns that yields results like no other. We're proud to have Catalyst as one of of our strategic partners, their entire team have become an extension of our family at New Age Media Management."

-Adam Cowsert, New Age Media Management



"We love being a part of the Catalyst family. When we were in need they were there to launch us to the next level. It's been a great experience, and the results of their work are always present!"

-Daniel Lancaster, Stages & Stereos



"Jen at Catalyst is a truly exceptional person in this industry. She truly cares about the bands she works with which translates in the work she does. It's more than press with her, it's building something bigger."

-Andrew Cramb, Artist Manager at Royal Division Management



"When HeartSupport was first growing, Catalyst Publicity Group was vital to the success of our operation, especially when it came to getting in front of the necessary publications. They helped grow our audience to the point where we were finally able to bring our resources in house. HeartSupport loves Jen and the team!"

-Ben Sledge, Heartsupport



"Catalyst is a new breed of servicing agencies – one that understands the new trends of this industry, and that adaptability is key. They accept that traditional PR doesn't always cut it, and help their clients set branding and marketing strategies that stem from foundational development. Simply put: the times are changing, and Catalyst gets it."

-Brian Penick, Counter Rhythm Group



"Catalyst truly goes further than just P.R. Those girls are like family to us and I put 110% of my trust in what they do for the thing I love most: music."

-Michael Kepko of Civil Youth



"I always tell my clients that before you need me you need press and no one is better at getting quality outreach than Jen Appel and her crew at The Catalyst Publicity Group. Too often publicity firms forget who they work for and what their mission really is. Jen has never forgotten that. She is a fan at heart and it shows through her passion for her clients."

-Danny Alvarez, Attorney-at-law



"I've worked on a few projects with Catalyst now, and the level of professionalism, passion and dedication they bring to the table is always impressive. Jen, Stephanie and their team are a pleasure to work with, and always bring a unique creative approach to each and every campaign they work, always tailoring it to the goals and needs of what each client hopes to achieve."

-Darren Dalessio, Manager of Heirsound and Ray Hodge



"As an artist the want is for people to believe in your work as much as you do, to see your world how you do. The catalyst team not only shared my vision but helped create it with me, taking my art and work to places I couldn't go by myself."

-Davey Muise of Shovel Brand



"In the modern entertainment industry, everyone is trying to find the best new ways to connect with potential fans to relate to their art. I have found that working with the creative, determined people at The Catalyst Publicity Group gives your brand that advantage. CPG are the qualified and connected PR company best suited to keep you in touch with the industry professionals that will put you in the spotlight!"

-Derek Buell



"The strides they've made in such a short time show their dedicated perseverance in making a significant impact in the music industry."

-Gunz of "The Gunz Show"



"Working with Jen Appel has been such a wonderful experience. She has succeeded in landing notable press publications, promptly and with consistency. In addition, her positive attitude and friendliness has made it such a pleasure to work with her."

-Jen and El Hefe of Cyber Tracks Records



"Working with both Catalyst is always a pleasure. Digital Tour Bus has such a unique concept. Unlike many other publicists, they have no issues adapting and making sure we get what we need, every time!"

-Josh Weilding of Digital Tour Bus



"Every band needs a team behind them that believes in the band just as much, if not more, than they do. For us, Jen and the team at Catalyst have been that team and so much more. From garnering press, interviews or just a word of encouragement, Catalyst has gone above and beyond the call of duty. Any band that has the opportunity of working with such a stellar team should count themselves extremely lucky."

-Kevin Fletcher of Uh Huh Baby Yeah!