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1. What exactly is Public Relations?

- The professional maintenance or relationship between a company or organization and the public.


2. I am looking to have my music or company represented by The Catalyst Publicity Group. What type of campaigns do you work on?

- The Catalyst Publicity Group offers publicity, marketing, social media, and brand consulting campaigns. These campaigns can include but are not limited to, the promotion of an unreleased album/EP/single/video, tour/show coverage, social media setup/assistance, conference/festival/event logistics (set up, promotion, and on-site assistance), and more. Throughout each of these campaigns, clients can expect unique consulting with finely crafted press releases (when applicable), exclusive partnerships with publications/brands for cross promotional value, additional features to continue pushing story angles, and more. Every campaign is different and we ensure that each client is provided with a detailed, well-organized, and well designed structure for the best support.


3. And what can we expect for our campaign?

- The Catalyst Publicity Group utilizes a hands on approach for all of our campaigns with clear and concise communication with all clientele to ensure the best results and measures. In order to have results with unique measurement, we work hard to build the right campaign for you with detailed consulting so all marketing, branding, imaging, story lines, are set up in a facet that can garner the right attention from the public. In addition, with years of expertise and our vast network of industry and editorial contacts, we work diligently to create, craft, and implement the right campaign. With that being said make sure you are coming to The Catalyst Publicity Group with a story, concrete music, and a brand that is worth sharing and selling to the public.


4. I am interested. What are the next steps?

- Please fill out our potential client inquiry form (which can be found here). Please note that we require at least one month from the start date to begin all conversations regarding campaigns. If we are interested we will be in touch with you.


5. You love what you see and are interested in working for The Catalyst Publicity Group.

- As a boutique firm we have limited hiring opportunities. We do have opportunities that open up periodically and encourage you to send us your resume to for consideration. If you are a college student looking for an internship please contact us (see above email address) at least 2-3 months before your internship start date for consideration (college credit only).


6. You are an editor or writer for a publication and are interested in interviewing/featuring one of our clients?

- Thank you! We love you already for wanting to cover our client. First and foremost please try to research the artist/client prior to reaching out to ensure you have the right publicist on board. You can likely head to the client’s Facebook page to check. If the client does not have a specific publicist noted please email and a publicist will contact you to set this up.


7. I'm in the beginning stages of my career and looking to sort out my plan, but I am unsure of how to start. What do I do?

- We would love to sit down with you, your band/team, or company to discuss the development process. If you are not able to hop on for a full-service campaign we are able to still help you along the way. If you are interested in this please email us at for more information on our mentoring program.