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1. What exactly is Public Relations?

- The professional maintenance or relationship between a company or organization and the public. The Catalyst Publicity Group aims to ensure the company or organization is seen in the best light among the public (fans, fellow industry individuals, peers, etc).


2. I am looking to have my band or company represented by The Catalyst Publicity Group. What type of campaigns do you work on?

- The Catalyst Publicity Group offers several campaigns from PR, Marketing, Social Media, and Branding. We work with artists on everything from branding, social media set up/assistance, interview/feature set up, album/single/music video release, press on tour and more. Below we’ve broken this down:

      1. Press Releases - sent out for every announcement and exclusive (album/single/tour announcements, premieres, free       downloads, etc.) to our list of editors.

      2. Exclusives - individually target and pitch publications for premieres and streams (singles, music videos, acoustic videos,       album premieres, etc.)

      3. Additional Features - individually target and pitch publications for interviews, album reviews, track-by-tracks,       behind/making the video, seasonal/holiday specific features, etc.

      4. Tour Press - secure show previews, show reviews, interviews, acoustic sessions, in-studio visits, ticket giveaway contests,       tour diaries, and more.

      5. Marketing/Branding/Social Media - assist with marketing, branding and social media strategy and execution. Explore       partnership/sponsorship opportunities (gear, tour sponsors, non-profit partners, etc.).

      We work with brands (clothing companies, labels, non-profits) as well on everything from PR, branding, social media strategy       and execution, brand partnership and event management.


3. I am interested. What should I send over to The Catalyst Publicity Group for consideration?

- Please send over the following:

      1. Social media links

      2. Band background, major accolades (accomplishments) to date

      3. New single or content to stream/look over (best to send via soundcloud/dropbox)

      4. Marketing timeline (list of dates for release)

      5. Additional marketing ideas, direction, goals for PR

      6. Best day/time to hop on call to further discuss


4. Where should I contact The Catalyst Publicity Group?

- The best way to reach us is by email at A PR representative will be in contact with you within one week. Upon reviewing all material (see #3), a representative will reach out (if interested) to set up a call to further discuss.


5. We are interested in working with The Catalyst Publicity Group, what can we expect from our campaign?

- As a boutique PR/Marketing firm we ensure consistent communication with our clientele. With our vast network of industry and editor contacts we work hard to secure the best features for your campaign. With years of knowledge and skill in the music industry with a focus in PR/Marketing we understand what it takes to make a campaign successful. As an artist or company we ask that you have realistic goals and expectations with your campaign. If you are just starting out as an artist and really building your brand the likelihood that you’ll have a cover on Rolling Stone within the first 6 months is not going to happen. With that being said make sure you are coming to The Catalyst Publicity Group with a story, concrete music, and a brand that is worth sharing and selling to the public.


6. You love what you see and are interested in working for The Catalyst Publicity Group.

- As a boutique PR/Marketing firm we have limited hiring opportunities. We do have opportunities that open up periodically and encourage you to send us your resume to for consideration. If you are a college student looking for an internship please contact us (see above email address) at least 2-3 month before your internship start date. We have opportunities available however we only hire 1 intern per office per semester (Fall, Summer, Spring).


7. You are an editor for a publication and are interested in interviewing/featuring one of our clients?

- Thank you! We love you already for wanting to cover a client. First and foremost please try to research the artist/client pre-reaching out to ensure you have the right publicist on board. You can likely head to the client’s Facebook page to check. If the client does not have a specific publicist noted please email and a publicist will contact you to set this up.


Things you need to include in the email:

      1. Name of publication

      2. Link to publication website and social media links

      3. 2-3 examples of interviews/features

      4. Client you’d like to cover

      5. Details on the feature/interview - If you are looking to cover an artist for a show, please list date, editor that will be on-site,       contact information

      6. Photographer’s looking to shoot one of our artists for a show must be on assignment


8. Are you a new band, new company, looking to sort out your plan and just unsure where to go?

- Have no fear, The Catalyst Publicity Group is here to help you. We would love to sit down with you, your band, or company to discuss the development process. If you are not able to hop on with us for a full-service PR campaign we are able to still help you along the way. If you are interested in this please email us at for more information on our mentoring program.